By the end of the day, you have to unbutton your pants because you feel so bloated.

You look down and it looks like your 6-months pregnant.

Your To Do list is MILES long and you barely have the brain power to just get by, let alone so anything else by the end of the day. 

The brain fog is getting worse. You're started to worry that maybe you have early-onset Alzheimers... even though it's most likely impossible at your age.

You're eating well, or so you think, but weekends are your weakness.

You have yet to find a diet/lifestyle that doesn't feel like "work"

Does this sound like you too?

This is why I hate the scale... it is LITERALLY the most rudimentary measurement that you can use to measure how successful your lifestyle changes are.  


Because a pound is a pound is a pound.  

Ever heard the phrase, "Muscle weights more than fat?" WRONG! A pound of feathers = a pound of bowling balls, they just take up more room.  

That's exactly what's going on with fat versus muscle... fat is fluffy and expands your inches. Muscle is dense and that's why you still weight the same but you're looking more slim, your clothing is fitting better, you're feeling better overall.  

Measuring your success on the scale is not only worthless... it's SO DEFEATING!  

How many times have you been killing it with your diet. Exercising 3+ times per week. You're starting to see the tone. Oh my goodness, you might even have abs under there! Then you step on the scale.... IMMEDIATE DEFEAT.  

You step off that scale, all of that confidence and motivation gone in an instant. You leave the bathroom, go directly to the pantry, and eat all the salt and vinegar kettle chips you can [at least that's what I would do].  

I have seen my patients step on the scale. See they've gained 5lbs. After everything they've done.  

Then we do a body composition...BOOM! That weight gain is pure muscle! That's what we want!  

The more lean muscle mass on your frame, the better you look and the LONGER you live! For reals! You live longer and with a better quality of life.  

Want to know what helps you gain muscle fast? Eating muscle! Eating protein.  

You have to feed the muscle the building blocks it needs to grow and start burning that fat while you sleep.  

I've created 2 weeks of amazing recipes that are a minimum of 80g of protein and 40-50g NET CARBS, but still at least 1200cal per day.

Starting October 15th --> Ketogenic Diet Challenge

You know that you've been letting your health take a back seat and once that beautiful sun comes out, you won't be able to hide behind sweaters and sweat pants any longer!

Want to see what can happen in 2 weeks? 

You've got to act NOW if you want to keep the number of pills you take every day to a minimum and TAKE CONTROL BACK when it comes to you health, then SIGN UP NOW!

***Remember, you get to keep all of the meal plans and recipes afterwards to reuse whenever you want to!


Here's an example of the recipes during the KETOGENIC DIET challenge:

If you join as a member, here's the entire year's worth of amazing challenges you can be a part of:


Ketogenic Diet Challenge: Want FAST fat-burning results in 2 weeks? This challenge is perfect timing for summer suits and beach bodies


Egg-Free Challenge: Egg white and egg yolk sensitivities are more common than you think! Are you eating egg whites and still can't lose bloat or weight? Let's see what two weeks can do!


Surviving the Holidays Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free: Don't let the holidays be the reason to cheat on your diet. You know you'll pay for it dearly. Let me help!


Gluten-Free Challenge: Every recipe is 100% gluten-free. You don't need to be celiac to benefit from this challenge!

*FEB 2019

Heart Healthy Challenge: All of the recipes are geared towards lowering cholesterol and improving your cardiovascular health.

*MARCH 2019

Paleo Challenge: Kicking it cave-man style! We're going back to the diet our oh so healthy ancestors ate! Best diet for your genes too! 

APRIL 2018

Vegetarian Challenge: No animals are harmed during this challenge. You'll be amazing how delicious these meals are!

MAY 2018

Dairy-Free Challenge: Most people have a dairy sensitivity and avoiding it for 2-weeks might just be what the doctor ordered! 

JUNE 2018

Beach Body Ready Challenge: All meals are designed to slim and trim you down just in time for bathing suit season.

JULY 2018  

Vegan Challenge: Want to see what it's like to eat vegan for 2 weeks? All recipes balanced with enough protein and quick meals!

AUG 2018  

High Protein, Low Carb: If your goal is to lose the jiggle and get more toned, you need to eat more protein! 


Sugar Detox Challenge: 14 days, all amazing foods, ZERO processed sugar! Can you handle it?  

See what our members a saying...

Busy, working parents, just like you!

"Really enjoying some of the new recipes this week, always amazing how quickly I feel slimmer without the gluten in my daily diet."

- Todd Baril, Toronto

"Well I just weighed in and have lost 5 lbs! I'll be honest, I had hoped for a few more to go but as I think about it, losing the weight isn't really the best part of this. It's the new habits I'm forming and sticking to them. My greatest achievement over these past two weeks has been following my eating plan and sticking with it where in the past I would have totally fallen off the wagon. This group and challenge came at exactly the right time for me so thank you are Dr Maxim and everyone else!! Stay tuned for more good things to come"

- Valerie H., Burlington

"So I'm very proud of myself today. I had a really bad day and normally I would have come home and done nothing but snack and watch tv. It was on my goal to go to bootcamp today so I stuck to it. And for my snack I chocolate and nuts as it was a nice "feels like cheating but isn't cheating" treat. Loving this program!"

- Lorraine L., Burlington